What is a dedicated 20AMP circuit and do I have one?

Dedicated circuits are required by the National Electrical for major electrical appliances. They ensure enough power is available so that appliances can operate safely, without overloading the system.

What is a dedicated circuit? A dedicated circuit is set aside with a specific purpose, with its own circuit breaker in your electrical box. A dedicated circuit is intended for use with a single appliance only. No other appliances will be plugged into or utilize the energy from this circuit, making it “dedicated” to that single appliance. Dedicated circuits ensure major appliances that draw a lot of electrical current are able to access the energy they need without overloading your system, blowing a fuse or tripping a circuit breaker. Certain medium to heavy duty appliances may require a dedicated circuit.

Why are dedicated circuits important? Dedicated circuits protect the leased equipment and your home/business. Appliances without a dedicated circuit may draw more current than the circuit can handle, tripping breakers, blowing fuses, and overheating wire insulation causing breakdown and the possibility of electrical fires.

How do I know if I have a dedicated 20AMP circuit? Most residences and even some businesses commonly do not have a dedicated 20AMP circuit, unless there was a previous special installation by a professional. A 20AMP receptacle will have one slot that looks like a sideways T. If it a dedicated circuit it would be a single receptacle instead of a duplex. If you look at the breakers in your breaker panel and there is "20" on the handle, it's a 20AMP circuit. However, as to it being a dedicated circuit...most times it is not. A dedicated circuit of any amperage rating would typically only be installed if needed. 

If you are uncertain as to having a dedicated 20AMP circuit, please consult with a electrician. Ready Cool Events is not responsible for ensuring that you have adequate electricity for leased equipment. We are happy to assist you with general questions, but we are not trained electricians and therefore can only offer general guidance as to what our equipment needs to run adequately in order to ensure you have a smooth and successful event.