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Our Trailers & Equipment

Available for Lease or Rent

We rent refrigerated trailers, draft, and event equipment. 

Renting refrigeration equipment is our primary business. Our trailers are made to serve a variety of refrigeration needs. Varying in sizes we are able to provide the temporary cold storage for you, where you need it. Ready Cool has trailers that can be used as refrigerators or freezers. Sizes range from 8’ in length up to 20’ in length. Shelving, stairs, and ramps are available for all trailers. RCE can also provide many event equipment needs. Talk to a rep to see all the options that might work for you. 

Other companies use refrigerated rentals to supplement their primary business. Our product line allows you the freedom to have refrigeration at remote sites that have limited power capabilities. Our expert personnel enjoy what we do and are happy to serve. 



CO2, Nitrogen, Buckets, Keg tubs, and so much more available.

Talk to a representative to see our ever expanding options and inventory.